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Welcome To Huntingdonshire Community Group

The Huntingdonshire Community Group (HCG) was formed around 2002 as a platform to bring together the diverse people of different nationalities living and working in Huntingdonshire under an umbrella organisation recognising the need for such an organisation that would as a vehicle to promote and celebrate our rich cultural diversity within a growing community. 

The group therefore aims to act as a positive force for the greater good in the promotion of the cultural diversity, increase racial tolerance and to enhance community cohesion. It is our principal objective to strengthen community spirit for the betterment of the local community, society and the country at large. HCG strives to find different ways to unite communities, by organizing events and and joining in the various forms of both local and national celebrations.

HCG and its affiliate group are better known for hosting the yearly “Unity In The Community” event which involves bringing the whole community of Huntingdon and its neighbouring towns and villages together for a weekend celebration of games, entertainment, socializing and networking, and dining on specially-prepared foods and other culinary delights from all over the different countries of the world as represented by all the 4 corners of the globe.

In addition, HCG offers and lends support by partnering with local groups and charitable organisations. We are not affiliated with any political organisation, and welcome both individuals and groups whose only mission is to unite and work to improve all of humanity.

Leo Ayerakwa,
Chair, Huntingdonshire Community Group

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