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Unity In The Community


The Unity in the Community is an annual celebration, which is organised by and under the auspices of the Huntingdonshire Community Group (HCG) and each year, the aim has been to bring the entire diverse community, involving the different groups, nationalities and diasporans in the Huntingdonshire area together, to celebrate their unique cultural heritage, themed around their national foods, dishes and gourmet in a shared environment. The events started around the summer of 2002, soon after the HCG was founded.

The Next Event

Due to the current situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, all HCG events including Unity In The Community has been suspended until further notice. As soon as we are advised that it is safe, we will start planning again.

The next Unity In The Community event's date has yet to be confirmed. It will be held in the new Coneygear Center in Huntingdon. Everyone is invited to come along to the event for fun, games, local stands and for a small fee which has yet to be decided, a delicious meal made up of food from the different cultures and communities based in Huntingdon.

All of our events are made possible by the different communities that sponsor us. If you or your business wish to sponsor an event then please get in touch.

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